Added chief international design awards:


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Students' AwardPromotion Items AwardCosmetic Products AwardYachts Award
Photography AwardUrban Creations AwardNational Awards AwardBest of Best Award
Exposition AwardPrime AwardFaculty AwardAward Award
Architectural Design AwardGreatest Architects AwardDesign Olympics AwardDesignPreis Award
DesignPrix AwardExcellent AwardTop Designer AwardProfessional Designer Award
Professional Architects AwardArts Equipment AwardPioneers AwardDesignprix Award
Business Plan AwardDesign, Arts and Architecture AwardOffice and Bureau AwardWorkshop and Warehouse Award
Art Works AwardMarine Vessels AwardAircrafts AwardArchitectural Projects Award
Beauty Products AwardMedical Goods AwardSummits AwardCosmetics and Beauty Products Award
Red Goods AwardMathematics and Nature AwardInteraction Design AwardGraphic Advertisements Award
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